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The time has come

to feel more ease.



I offer intuitive companionship

on the journey to unwind troubling patterns

and remember your purpose. 




This work will benefit you when:

  • It is difficult for you to make money and have abundance

  • You compare your worth to others and feel pressure to be perfect

  • You sense that chronic health conditions may have an emotional piece

  • Your profession has taken over your creative self and you're burning out

  • Maintaining fulfilling relationships has been frustrating or is making you anxious

Come back to your Self. 

The Healing Process

I work with therapists, coaches, artists, moms... people who feel like they're giving themselves away, depleted from always taking care of others: especially if this began in your own childhood family due to mental illness or trauma.

What makes you open up, allowing energy to flow towards your own stabilization and well-being? Let's take a compassionate look, together.

Working with me includes:

  • Healing the Body-Mind-Emotion connection to relieve pain

  • Resolving Creative Blocks to open to success

  • Working with Family and Ancestral wounding to untangle the past from the present













I offer a 6-week program that will bring movement and clarity to the blocks that are between you and your higher potential.



We will be...

Moving Outward: as we unwind systems of influence, acknowledging what is.



Moving Inward: as we are listening to the body and its emotional wisdom.




*You may also book individual sessions. 

You can reconnect with your truth in a space of acceptance and care. Please contact Christina for a free call to see if we're a good fit and learn more about working together.


To schedule a free introductory call, please email:




Moon Clouds

Christina on Winter Solstice:
embracing darkness and tending to what's underground.

Freedom is Possible!

I can support you in your creative work as a way to open a deeper connection with your wisest self.














If you feel stuck in your creative potential, we will work with your art through healing, and vice versa.

A longtime theater artist, I discovered that the arts helped me find my way, to reclaim my voice. I can help you bring to light what may have been hidden by shame or doubt: to accept, release, and live in the present with authenticity.

We can add as much creativity and ritual as feels right for your unique healing path.

anscetors and decendents.jpg

Ancestors and Decedents... 

A creative expression of a client's constellation

License: CC BY 4.0 Natasha Sinegina

What's Next?

Contact Christina to book a session:

  • Individual sessions take place anywhere, online.

  • The Group Events page shows the next in-person systemic healing circle located in the Bay Area, CA.


Contact Me

Online, anywhere in the world


1201 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

 Contact Christina if you have questions or to book a session.



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