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The time has come

to feel more ease.



I offer intuitive companionship

on the journey to unwind troubling patterns

and remember your purpose. 




This work will benefit you when:

  • It is difficult for you to make money and have abundance

  • You compare your worth to others and feel pressure to be perfect

  • You sense that chronic health conditions may have an emotional piece

  • Your profession has taken over your creative self and you're burning out

  • Maintaining fulfilling relationships has been frustrating or is making you anxious

Come back to your Self. 

The Healing Process

I work with therapists, coaches, artists, moms... people who feel like they're giving themselves away, depleted from always taking care of others: especially if this began in your own childhood family due to mental illness or trauma.

What makes you open up, allowing energy to flow towards your own stabilization and well-being? Let's take a compassionate look, together.

Working with me includes:

  • Healing the Body-Mind-Emotion connection to relieve pain

  • Resolving Creative Blocks to open to success

  • Working with Family and Ancestral wounding to untangle the past from the present













I offer a 2 month program that will bring movement and clarity to the blocks that are between you and your higher potential.



We will be...

Moving Outward: as we unwind systems of influence, acknowledging what is.



Moving Inward: as we are listening to the body and its emotional wisdom.




*You may also book individual sessions. 

You can reconnect with your truth in a space of acceptance and care. Please contact Christina for a free call to see if we're a good fit and learn more about working together.


To schedule a free introductory call, please email:




Moon Clouds

Christina on Winter Solstice:
embracing darkness and tending to what's underground.

Freedom is Possible!

I can support you in your creative work as a way to open a deeper connection with your wisest self.














If you feel stuck in your creative potential, we will work with your art through healing, and vice versa.

A longtime theater artist, I discovered that the arts helped me find my way, to reclaim my voice. I can help you bring to light what may have been hidden by shame or doubt: to accept, release, and live in the present with authenticity.

We can add as much creativity and ritual as feels right for your unique healing path.

anscetors and decendents.jpg

Ancestors and Decedents... 

A creative expression of a client's constellation

License: CC BY 4.0 Natasha Sinegina

What's Next?

Contact Christina to book a session:

In-person sessions are currently on hold. The work continues to be effective and powerful online; please contact Christina to book a free call for more information.


Contact Me

While I am online and available to work with you anywhere in the world, please note that I am located in Berkeley, CA, and the Pacific time zone.

 Contact Christina if you have questions or to book a session.



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