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What are Family Constellations?

A constellation is an embodied process which takes a systemic view of a situation or problem that is challenging a person in present time.

To look at the big picture perspective of the system at play opens the possibility that the emotional entanglements and hidden loyalties to our parents, grandparents, and even ancestral lineage can be unraveled and released. When even one aspect is adjusted in the system, the other parts are affected. In this way, we can see change in motion.

As things become re-ordered into their proper place: connection is restored, the excluded is revealed, and the experience of becoming our whole selves can begin to unfold. We witness our own process in action, and in doing so, we honor what is.


Constellations have evolved from the work of Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist who found that each member in our family holds a special place and has an equal right to belong to the family system. Only when we acknowledge and honor the difficult fates of those who've preceded us, can the "Orders of Love" be reestablished and the chain of tragic destinies be broken. Along with Family Sculpting, Gestalt Therapy and other approaches to healing; Hellinger was deeply influenced by 16 years of working with the Zulu people in South Africa.

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