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An intention for a Creative Journey...


~ Are you an artist who already uses a medium for self expression?

~ Perhaps you have a tried and true medium, but would like some new inspiration, a new format for exploration?

~ Or, do you NOT consider yourself an artist, but you would like to explore using art in some form?

Let's talk about it.


You can request an element of The Creative Journey to be

a part of our ongoing work. We can add this in at any time.

As we walk the path of healing, we will note areas of focus

for creative work. You can do this on your own time, and then

bring the piece in to our sessions. I will give as much guidance

and direction as feels right for your process.


We will use the pieces as touchstones for our work together. They will be objects of development and ritual. Your healing work can affect your artwork, and vice versa.


 Mediums we may use include: writing, painting, drawing,    theater, dance, photography, video, music, collage, or...?


The sky's the limit on what

you can create.

For more information or to book a session, please contact Christina at

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